CCSBT - Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna IATTC - Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission ICCAT - International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas IOTC - Indian Ocean Tuna Commission WCPFC - Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission
Meetings 2023
  26-30 CCSBT, 13th Operating Model and Management Procedure Technical Meeting Seattle, USA
  25-28 CCSBT, 6th Strategy and Fisheries Management Working Group Meeting Tokyo, Japan
  28 Aug 2 Sep CCSBT, 28th Meeting of the Extended Scientific Committee Jeju Island, Korea
  4 CCBST, 4th Technical Compliance Working Group Meeting Busan, Korea
  5-7 CCSBT, 18th Meeting of the Compliance Committee Busan. Korea
  9-12 CCBST, 30th Annual Meeting of the CCSBT Busan, Korea